The restoration of works of art is a creative, difficult, time taking and diligent task. The restorer must have a wide range of knowledge. It is important not only to know the technique but to have a sense, an understanding of features of different paintings and a skill to find and individual approach to “cure” of culture artefacts and art memorials, whenever they are in private ownership or in museum. The restoration is based upon careful previous examination of materials, technologies of creation, causes and appearances of fracture and deep study of history of arts. People of this profession have a unique view for the world around.
Scientific restoration takes an important place in the field of preservation of centuries-long historical and cultural and spiritual heritage of people and is aimed at its renewal and further preservation for the generations to come.

Sevastopol art restoration workshop organized in 2001 studies deeply and uses in its work the traditions of the outstanding soviet restoration school. Qualified fine art restorers, who have special education and solid work experience, work in the workshop. In their work the restorers use methods developed in restoration centers of Ukraine and Russia. As experts are engaged experienced specialists of related professions, fine art experts, professionals in different fields of science and art. Training in Sevastopol private art restorations workshop earned the approval of the National research and restoration Center of Ukraine. Experts of SARW are constantly developing their knowledge through trainings on the basis of the Center, sharing of experience between colleagues, participation in seminars and scientific and theoretic conferences.

It makes already a few years that SARW cooperates with museums and research institutions of the city, with private collectors and Sevastopol artists, with several antiques shops, churches and monasteries of Sevastopol in restorations works of their expositions, funds, collections and interior – among them there are Sevastopol Art Museum named after
M.P. Kroshitskiy, National Museum of heroic defence and liberation of Sevastopol, Museum of the Black sea fleet decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of the Russian Federation, gallery “Art-Boulevard”, gallery “South Hermitage”, Cathedral of St. Vladimir and Church of Seven Martyrs in Chersonese, Inkerman monastery of St. Clement, Church of St. Nikolas on the brotherly cemetery of defenders of Sevastopol during 1854-1855, Toplovskiy Holy Trinity Paraskevievsk convent, Church of 12 apostles in the city of Balaklava and others.

The art restoration workshop earned confidence of Sevastopol museums owing to its professional and high quality work. For the new expositions specialists of the workshop have restored a wide range of works: among them there are sketches of F.A. Rubo for Panorama, two big fragments of original Panorama – “Dasha” and “Chernigovtsy”; a number of paintings of soviet artists – preliminary sketches for the new canvas of panorama.

Interesting and unusual for professionals was the restoration of Diorama’s “Underground-mine warfare in Sevastopol” that was created in 1958 by the artists Grandy V.I. and
Belyayev B.N. For 16 years Diorama was closed (suspended) for visitors of the museum.
There is a range of paintings and icons from the funds of Sevastopol Art Museum named after M.P. Kroshitskiy that was restored.

A very fruitful and interesting cooperation ties SARW and the Museum of the Black sea fleet decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of the Russian Federation. From the exposition and funds of the museum the specialists have restored portraits of outstanding military men, a number of thematic paintings that reflects the history of the city and fleet.
In 2011 Sevastopol art restoration workshop took part in a challenging project that was organized by the department of press, education and culture of the US Embassy in Ukraine and the House Museum of A.P. Chekhov in Yalta. This project is aimed at preservation of memorial heritage of writer’s Yalta House. The exhibits that came for restoration – pieces of furniture, lambrequins, tablecloths – are not only historical and cultural heritage but also the silent witnesses of the last years of A.P. Chekhov in Yalta, presence of his family and friends. The restorers of the workshop developed a program for restoration of these objects, choose and mastered special methods, received consultations of experts.

Besides the restoration activity the employees of the workshop during all ten years of work take part in the International research and practice conferences carried out by the National research and restoration Center of Ukraine in Kiev; make reports on the republican research and theoretic conference “Crimean Art Readings”. The art restoration workshop is a permanent participant of local expositions of enterprises and organizations of Sevastopol. In 2005 the workshop became the champion of regional and after that the Laureate of State contest “100 best goods and services of Ukraine” in nomination “Works and services”; in 2006 - the winner of the award of Ukrainian publishing consortium “Art Olympus of Ukraine”, in 2010 – winner of State contest “100 best goods and services of Ukraine” in nomination “Works and services”. In 2011 was held an exposition “From the past to the future” – kind of report of the art restoration workshop staff for the ten years of work.

The art restoration workshop is a unique and only in its activity enterprise in the city of Sevastopol. The staff of art restoration workshop does not stop at the obtained results. The workshop intends to continue working with museums on renovation of expositions and preparation of exhibitions from the funds; to cooperate with exhibit halls and galleries of Sevastopol and Crimea; to help local and Crimean artists. SARW is planning to promote its activity of revival of spiritual heritage by cooperation with churches and monasteries. Improving its professional level, exchanging experience with colleagues, following the traditions of many years, the staff of the workshop wants to take part in art and publishing projects, professional exhibitions, scientific and theoretic conferences and seminars of Ukrainian restorers.